Friday, 16 September 2011

Rookie Mag is the Cosmpolitan anti Christ, and it's rather wonderful.

Meet Tavi,

This is Tavi. Tavi is a blogger extraordinaire, who has a following of millions. She’s rather amazing, the muse of uber cool fashion house Rodarte (they’re so cool I bet you don’t even know about them ;) ) sells her own Tshirts, and sits on the front rows of Chanel, Miu Miu etc. Oh and there’s one other rather special thing about Tavi, she’s 15, and started her blog when she was eleven. That’s right, 11. She’s a creative powerhouse who’s done it all and she’s half your age. Scary.

Tavi wrote this as part of her Bar Mitzvah speech

‘If god wanted people to have an enlighted life that takes advantage of life’s many wonders, he (or she) wouldn’t want people to limit themselves just to what they needed’.

So, if God wants us to be Godly women, then having an interest in fashion and expressing ourselves is kind of natural. You might even call the fashion industry an industry of godly given creativity.

GoannaTree’s recent post about ‘Why it bugs me when people tell me how to be a woman’ really got me thinking about being a godly woman. I have often been told that I am not a godly woman, most often for the way I dress. One lady came up to me to tell me that she had ‘a word from the lord’ for me. How exciting! (this doesn’t often happen in a Methodist Church pretext). She felt that God wanted to tell me about how inappropriate it was to wear shorts in church. Groundbreaking.

The way in which Tavi is unapologetically taking on the enormous issue of feminism that is rife in the fashion industry is awe inspring. She has just launched which is an experiment to see if there is a desire for an online magazine that doesn’t have size 0 models, and talks about real issues like Sex in a frank way. I direct you to this article which debunks the myths and fears about virginity in a completely down to earth manner. Rookie Mag is the Cosmopolitan anti Christ, and it’s rather wonderful.

Goanna directed us to Joys blog with this passage

I think the issue is what is at the heart of the way you express yourself. Are you trying to prove your value to others and make sure they notice you/remember you/respect you/etc? Or are you genuinely passionate about the topic at hand or excited about the circumstance or what God is doing or inviting people to join you?

As a young Godly woman, I feel it my responsibility to be as creative and expressive as possible. I don’t know why, but the general consensus amongst a lot of Christian women I know is that to be godly and interested in expressing yourself through fashion are mutually exclusive entities. I have spoken to @vfxhanley about this before. Tavi is Jewish, but oh boy, isn’t she a beacon of light for all of us? She is passionate about feminism and about people and uses all kind of wonderful ways to show you. She understands the problems and the issues within the fashion industry and society, but instead of looking inwardly and dressing in hooded jumpers, she takes the issue on. I commend you Tavi!

Have a look at this video, this is Tavi’s manifesto about Sassy magazine/feminism.

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