Tuesday, 26 June 2012

First day.

Woke up at 10.30, the latest I have woken up in yonks. For the past three months i've been getting about 5 hours sleep a night.

Made myself some breakfast which consisted of eggs, red onion, chilies and soy sauce. I've missed my chicken's eggs, they are the yellowest yellow. So nice to be home, using things which I know.

Tried to do some unpacking, got distrated and made a starter for sour dough bread instead. Walked in to town, the weather is glorious.

Made a babysitting flyer which I will post around town, and have spent the rest of the afternoon hankering after some clogs...When I was little we would go to Scarborough and this shop (Bjorn Clogs), every year my sister would have a new pair of clogs made up for her birthday, they were so pretty. I wonder why she stopped. I think I want a pair of "Didi's" their closed toe sandals...

Also stopped by my local gym to ask about their Pilates classes, so cheap compared to Cambridge, shame there is no Bikram though.

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