Sunday, 1 July 2012

A post about Bras.

I have a love hate relationship with Bras. They fulfil my penchant for matchy matchy accessories but they also screw me over, because I like to wear backless/sideless/seethrough things which ultimately leave be in a bra quandry (which normally ends up in me not wearing one). Then about a month a go, I was with friends getting ready to go out, when my skinny friend X had a new dress with a really schweet back that was all criss crossy and nice, and was clearly beggin for a braless night on the town. So she was just trying to figure out what to do when I suggested she shouldn't wear one (imho the dress was tight enough, and she was skinny enough, to get away with it). This resulted in me recieving a "oh no she dideent" look from my friends.
"It's disgusting" said one, "I can always tell when someone doesn't wear one, it just looks slaggy" said the other. "MEh" I shruggged. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?? THEY ARE LUMPS OF FLESH. Thinking about it, maybe it is my problem, am I just overly comfortably/bit of an extrovert? No... there is definitely more to this isn't there? Why do we consider bra's to be protection? Protection against what? Most of the young women I know do not have enormous boobs.....We wear THE SKIMPIEST dresses, but are then horrified by the prospect that we might have a Janet Jackson esq moment? What is wrong with nipples? Why can we be sexual, but not that type of sexual. Since when was there a "right and wrong" type of sexual metaphor?
When I was younger I used to know a girl who used to wear bras in bed "just in case", but was also one of the first girls I know to start sleeping with her boyfriend. Isn't this a bit of a strange paradigm? Girls are petrified of the notion of free breasts or nipples showing, but are increasingly more sexual. Is it a desire to revert to a angelic state of gangly girlness, a sign that their sexualisation is something not totally normal? Perhaps the bra as sexual/humilatory protection metaphor is a symbol of the quandry in which young women are now placed.

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  1. sexualisation/protection stuff aside (maybe the women who see them as protection feel protected from things other than revealing their breasts) I wonder if their is a more basic point, you should have the autonomy to dress your body as you wish, bra or no bra it has to be your decision, and in an ideal world other women would defend that rather than pass judgement (and also perhaps be swayed by society's sense of norm.

    Paul P