Friday, 24 June 2011

Evening all...

I have attempted blogging several times before. I think where I have gone wrong however was trying to give all my blogs a particular 'thang' - i've tried it all, from fashion, to political to wacky start up projects. My blogs just never seemed very enticing after the first few months. This time however, I am determined to be different! This will be a catalogue of my summer, and what I get up to, with no pretentisons of grandeur or excitement as I actually lead quite a dull life.

I have up until October to try and create a portfolio of things I have done this summer, and I hope that I can use this blog as a record of what I hope will be a highly enjoyable summer.

I'm writing this sat in my bedroom, I live in Worksop, England in an old coal mining community - things are pretty 'small fry' from where I come from....however, Worksop does have some hidden gems, which I hope shall be revealed over the course of this summer. Adieu for now!

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