Wednesday, 29 June 2011

“Money won’t make you happy, but everybody wants to find out for themselves.” – Zig Ziglar

When I finished my exams this year, the first thing I did was have a massive clear out of my room. When I was little I was obsessed with hoarding every tiny piece of my life, from toothbrushes to school work, I couldn't chuck anything away. I think this is partly because I moved around a lot as a child, so having 'stuff' was a way of retaining a sense of identity. Now however, I feel happy and confident that my identity is not founded upon four walls, but my personality and sense of wellbeing.

I have found getting rid of excess things, or 'decluttering' quite a therapeutic past time. It's less about being a clean freak, but more coming to the realization that actually you can be content without the latest clothes or gadgets. I have found that by reducing my wardrobe and only investing in quality pieces that I am absolutely in love with, I value and look after them much better.

I love the feeling you get when people say 'I love that top that you wear, it's my favorite' - the french especially don't have massive wardrobes, but what the do have fits and suits their shape and personality the best. A good wardrobe, if carefully thought about can be an extension of your personality, but it does not have to be your personality. Too often I see fashion bloggers who are 'consumed' quite literally with consumerism, as if constantly hankering after the next pair of shoes, or spending vast amounts of money on frivolous things is something that I should aspire to.

I hope this blog will show you that actually, contentedness, and a much deeper sense of fulfillment can be found by living more simply in certain aspects of your life. May this be food, interior design or clothing. The things which we encounter daily are important and do shape part of our identity, but we should not allow ourselves to become consumed by this sense of unhappiness because we cannot have X designer watch. So whilst I will quite often post things or objects which I think are beautiful or interesting, I don't necessarily post them with a desire to posses them.


I leave you with a photo of Anna's house from Door Sixteen - this is one of my favorite blogs, seeing Anna restore her old house in a sensitive and thoughtful way has been truly inspiring!

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