Saturday, 20 August 2011

Well, I got in.

Yes ladies and gents, I'm off to Cambridge in October! I'm still in the overwhelming stage where lots of people are telling you've done 'awfully well to get in' and giving you tips, so I continuously nod my head a say thanks. I'll be studying the PPS (Politics, Psychology and Sociology) Tripos, and i'm currently salivating pouring over all the modules I get to pick from. (For any of you sad enough to be interested link).

The summer has been ridiculously busy, I've been in Sri Lanka on behalf of the Methodist Church for a week exploring how they develop the church's work with young people in their context, which was fascinating! It was a beautiful experience, and I never ate so much curry in my life. The generosity, compassion and enthusiasm of the people I met there was truly inspiring. The Bishop of Columbo taught me how to eat 'indian style' (with my fingers!)...



Then I flew straight to Scotland, and a little place called Anstruther for a weeks break with my family, we finished off the week at the Edinburgh Fringe festival which was so much fun! We were only there for a day, but we got to see three acts, finishing off with the naughty but hilarious Craig Hill.



After Scotland we drove straight down to Devon with MR B and had a couple of days visiting family which was lovely. I went to the mecca that is IKEA today for a bit of a uni shop, alas, I didn't manage to get everything, but got lots of lovely textiles that i'll post up here soon.

Greenbelt next stop!

P.S this is the article from my local newspaper about my schools A Level results...

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