Friday, 9 September 2011

The belt is green - and other sparkling insights!

Greetings earthling! It has been a long few weeks in the life of me. After Scotland I had a couple dayss break before we (my family, Mr B, and Mr B's accomplices) headed out to Greenbelt, a music and arts festival. The theme this year was Dreams of Home, how fitting. Going back to Greenbelt really does feel like home, it's a place for blue sky thinking, where charities, speakers, organisations and musicians get together for a bit of a hoe down at Cheltenham Racecourse.

This Greenbelt was no exception for the bizarre and wondrous happenings, whether it was hearing the man (who I have fantisised about a little to much) speak about being creative and just 'getting it out of your system' . Rob Bell has been described as the 'hipper than thou pastor' and he's super trendy. I was however, a little bit dissapointed in his message, it seemed to leave a bit of a theology shaped whole. What was the message apart from all the stories Rob? Nevertheless, it was great to see the creator of the N00ma series, (which are a fabulous tool for mission folks) in the flesh. He's very tall!

Other excursions included listening to the delectable tones of the talented Beth Rowley and Duke Special, who are Greenbelt favorites. Duke is truly a spectacular musician and performer, who is completely underrated! One of the After Hours evenings ended up with Duke encouraging Luke Leighfield (another up and comer) to just have a boogie with him in the middle of his set. It was beautiful! Beth is also gorgeous and her voice is heart breaking. Definitely Spotify her!

Other highlights include the Austin Francis Connection who do 'music your mum would like' - a cool acoustic hip hop hybrid, and Helen Arney, who's been on the Uncaged Monkey's tour (Mr B, who is a physicist thought she was hilarious.)

All of this musical wonderousness culminated in possibly one of the most bizarre evenings of my life where me and my accomplices ended up having (one to many) pints with a writer from The Guardian, that's right folks, The Guardian with a capital T, not the Worksop genre! He even bought us dinner. It was wonderful - I think Mr B is now definitely a convert!

Oh, and there was spontenous revolutionary Beer and Hymns. You heard me. The most popular hastag for that particular event was #christiansliketogetdrunktoo

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