Friday, 1 July 2011

Before I go...

Have a look at these beautiful leather bags from Artemis Leatherware, I'm developing a bit of a penchant for more manly bags as they're a lot more versatile and sturdy. My leather satchel will last me for such a long time I'm not sure I could ever justify buying one of these....!

I'm beginning to look for clothes that have utility, and will go with everything. I think these bags fulfil that desire. And you can tell without looking that the leather is so supple.

Artemis Leatherware make to order, so although you'll have a bit of a wait, you know what you will be getting is something truly unique! You can even ask for specific measurements - check out the camera strap he made for someone.

Hand Stitched Light Brown Leather Camera Case with Strap - Olympus PEN E-PL2

Have a great weekend, i'm off to Methodist Conference is Southport this evening so shall be blogging from there!

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